Solo exhibitions and projects (selection):

2015: Sculptural commission for public space, Metro Sculpture Park Foundation, Duesseldorf
2013–2014:  “Tranquilizer”, Museum Goch, Goch
2012–2013: Raped by a Rainbow, Bruch & Dallas, Cologne
2012: B.T.W.I.T.I.L.Y., Raum für Vollendete Tatsachen, Duesseldorf
2011: Half a Bottle of Vinegar, Organhaus, Chongqing, China
2011: Inspired by Beuys, Performance in Schmela House, Museum K20, Duesseldorf
2010–2011: Residency and exhibition (together with Christl Mudrak), LoBe, Berlin
2010–2011: Born Disappointed, Raum Oberkassel, Duesseldorf
2009: A work a day, MOT International Gallery, London
2007: Sculptural commission for public space, West LB Bank, Kirckenbeck Castle
2005: Video installation project, Museum Kunst Palast, Duesseldorf


Group exhibitions (selection):

Sept 2016: Zoo, Lepsian Art Foundation, Duesseldorf
Apr 2014: WINWIN, Jack in the Box, Cologne
Feb-Mar 2014: Approaches to Reality, Kunstraum, Duesseldorf
Aug 2013: STELLDICHEIN, Bruch & Dallas, Cologne
Jul-Aug 2013: Abilities, Jeanine Hofland Contempory Art, Amsterdam
Nov 2011–Jan 12: The boy stands, Girls are running around, Felix Ringel Gallery, Duesseldorf
Nov-Dec 2011: Reflectionfactory, Kunstarkaden, Munich (Cat.)
Sept 2011: So Here We Are, Kunstverein Speyer (Cat.)
Sept 2011: Brutalist Speculations and Flights of Fancy, Book Publication, Sheffield, UK (Cat.)
Jul 2011: Bergische Art Prize, Museum Baden, Solingen (Cat.)
Jun 2011: The Wolfson Syndrome, The Modern Language Experiment, London (Cat.)
Jan 2011 : SAMVAAD, Video exhibition, Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art, New Delhi
Sept 2010 : Untetitled, MOT International Gallery, London
Jul 2010 : The Castle of Discipline, Van Laack Factory, Moenchengladbach
Feb 2010 : The Devil’s Necktie, The Woodmill, London
Dec 2009 : soShow, Shop at 34, London
Sept 2009 : R.I.P. 19th April 2009, Peacock Projects, London (Cat.)
Jul 2009 : Chinese Whispers with Paul Klee and Walter Benjamin, Sassoon Gallery, London
Jul 2009 : The Tomorrow People – New British Art, Elevator Gallery, London
Jul 2009 : Goldsmiths MFA exhibition, Goldsmiths, London (Cat.)
May-Jul 2009 : When transcendence becomes form, KHG Contemporary, Bonn
Apr 2009 : Group/Grope, Area 10, London
Dec 2008-Jan 2009 : The Mirth of Manfred Blöb, Utrophia, London
Nov 2008 : Gallery Hasen Prize Show, Philara, Duesseldorf (Cat.)
Mar 2008 : Pilot Projekt_1, Pilot Projekt Kunstverein, Duesseldorf
Apr 2007 : NorthWest Art Prize, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven (Cat.)
Dec 2006 : Are you ready Ray, Galerie Beck & Eggeling, Duesseldorf
Apr 2006 : Wir waren mal Freunde gewesen, Gloria Halle, Duesseldorf
Oct 2005-Jan 2006 : I’m not a suicidor, I’m an investigator,  Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund (Cat.)
Jul 2005 : Kleines Affektchen II, Neue Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin